Renovation Tips to make your bathroom cozy and comfortable

Renovation Tips to make your bathroom cozy and comfortable

The toilets are a part of the house that is especially pampered. Since we spend an average of three years of our life there, That’s why it is important to make it comfortable & elegant. Here are 5 tips to transform your bathroom into a place you never want to leave.

Choose an original atmosphere

The toilets are the place in the house where you can give free rein to your imagination! A place where your thoughts can reach anywhere, either you choose ambiance of humor, or a dream of glamor. So as a matter of fact, most of the people try to make it comfortable bathroom stylish & classic by creating soft atmosphere with the help of wallpaper, paint or tiles with soft lighting in pastel colors. Those who prefer to play the card of humor emphasize on accessories that is customized by interior designers. The rest can give a new dimension to this little corner by playing with classic colors like contrasting black/fuchsia black or silver for example.

The choice of accessories and staging is large, do not miss anything that makes you happy in your washroom! Consider installing a small shelf with toilet books for fun, a nice basket with magazines and why not a book on health tips & diet plans! Everything is good for the time spent in the toilet seem shorter. Posters and paintings are also welcome but only recommended if you do not share your bathroom with anyone else!

Maintain impeccable hygiene

This is the basics for comfortable and inviting toilet. A nice wall mounted cupboard conceal your various household products. Remember, A nicely placed Deodorant, toilet gel & sponge always give a good impression & add much more convenient! Moreover things like Electric air fresheners, A discreet scent is also appreciated.

Opting for the right accessories

All depends on the mood you want to make your bathroom. Accessories made of cardboard, wood and natural materials are preferred for eco toilet (not to mention the economic flush!). To give your bathroom a quirky and funny look, carefully choose a toilet fittings that look humorous by its design. Effect guaranteed! Your can also turn your bathroom to a luxurious fun place by installing Granite, quartz or marble worktops from Margrasil the kitchen and bathroom worktop specialists in UK.

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